5 Important boating safety tips

Being safe on the water is paramount for all those who venture out on their boats whether you are our racing your sailing rig or putting out in your dingy for a spot of recreational fishing.

Below are some tips to help you safe while you enjoy your day on the water.


Check local weather conditions

Before you head out onto any water, whether lake, ocean or rivers, you should always be aware of the weather conditions that is forecast for the day. Checking the Bureau of Meterology is a must for all boating ventures.

Remember your lifejackets

For any boat one of the most important safety item are lifejackets. If you remember to have one for every person on board then you will have peace of mind if anything should go wrong.

Check your boat and safety equipment

Make sure your motor is in good running order, check you have enough fuel and water. Also make sure all your safety gear is in good condition, stowed for easy access if needed and that all passengers know where it is kept.

Stay in touch

Let others know of your plans, where you are going and your expected time of arrival or return. It is also important to note the number of passengers and leave description of your boat. You can pass on this information to a responsible person or with a coastal radio base.

General safety

Be alert to risky situations. One way of staying alert is to take two Alpha Brain before you head out, they are known to be the best brain supplements to help keep your mind sharp.

Have the correct marine licence. Make sure that you can handle the boat for where you plan to go and remember to keep to safe speeds.

Take extra care when boating alone. Make sure you are on the lookout at all times because the risks are far greater when you are boating on your own.

Know the rules of the sea-road. Use a light at night, go easy on drinking alcohol, drink related fatalities happen on the water too, and know how to use a marine radio.