Boating with pets

If you love boating then you probably love taking your best friend on your boat with you. Well your furry best friend anyways. Here are 6 tips to keep your pet safe while out on the water.

  • Keep lots of fresh water ready

This is pretty self explanatory, but it’s easy to overlook. Make sure your dog has plenty of water on the boat. They get hot and lose water much faster than we do.

  • Have an area on the boat that is shady for your four legged friend

It’s so easy to forget that dogs are covered in fur. When they spend all day in the middle of a boat it is easy for them to overheat. That’s why it’s so important to provide shade for them to cool off in.

  • Be careful where you let your dog swim

Our waters are getting more and more polluted, so be very careful where you let your dog swim. Just the other day I let my dog swim in a local lake. She came back with an old bottle of a pre-workout supplement called Capsiplex Sport. We quickly yanked it out of her mouth and threw it away. We were lucky that bottle was empty. So long story short be careful when you let your dog swim you don’t want them to get into anything bad.

  • Let your pet get acquainted with the boat while it is still docked

Most animals tend to be pretty timid around new things. So take some time to let your dog explore every nook and cranny of your boat. This will make them more comfortable with the boat and the trips you will take on it.

  • Teach your dog to relieve itself before you head on board

No one wants puddles all over their nice boat. Especially if you hit a large wave… So do yourself a favor and teach your pooch to relieve itself before you get on the boat. You will thank me for that tip.

  • Make your first trip a short one

Your first trip with your dog should be a short one. Your dog is still getting used to the movement of the boat and the restricted space. Plus some dogs get sea sick. The last thing you want is a 1 hour boat ride with a sea sick dog.

  • Invest in a doggie life vest

This seems a bit odd because most dogs know how to swim, but if you are taking long trips out to sea or even long trips in a deep lake you want to invest in a doggie life vest. If your dog goes overboard he could be swimming for a long time to get to shore or even back to you. A life vest will increases his chances of making it back.