The importance of sunscreen while on the water


Far too often, people fall victim to the sun when spending the day out on the water. Either they forget to wear sunscreen all together, or they don’t reapply often throughout the day. It takes only a couple of minutes to spread a little protection on your body.

Failing to put sunscreen on can increase your chances of the following conditions:

• Sunburn
• Pre-mature Wrinkles
• Skin Cancer


Sunburn not only makes you look funny, but it can also be quite painful. Some people have even gotten 3rd degree burns from being in the sun unprotected. Taking time to take care of your skin by protecting it, can save you a lot of discomfort in the long run. You should use a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 and make sure you reapply often. The recommended time frame is every 2 hours. [You should reapply sooner if you spend most of your time in the water.] Avoiding sun exposure during the hours of 10 AM – 4 PM is also recommended. This is when the Sun’s rays are the strongest.

Pre-Mature Wrinkles

If you have had sunburn even just 1 time in your life, you may develop pre-mature wrinkles. To lessen the damage, when you come in from your time on the water, you should apply a lotion to moisturize your skin. To help combat pre-mature wrinkles around your eyes, you may want to invest in an eye cream.
This will help improve the appearance of wrinkles around your eye, or help prevent them from developing all together.

Skin Cancer

Incidences of skin cancer are on the rise. It’s important to realize that you can help prevent the disease by taking care of yourself prior to any type of sun exposure. If you are an avid boater, you should take time to visit with a dermatologist on a regular basis to make sure your skin is clear from any type of skin cancer. You might want to take extra precaution and where a wide brim hat and long sleeves while boating to protect your most exposed areas even more.